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FIFA World Cup European Qualification Details

August 31st, 2009

A total of 53 European countries are fighting to qualify for the finals of the FIFA World Cup in 2010. The countries have been divided into 9 groups, namely Group 1 to Group 9. Group 1 to Group 8 consists of 6 teams each, and Group 9 has 5 teams.
Denmark who are so far unbeaten, top Group 1 with 16 points followed by Hungary on 13 points. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal is in 3rd place with 9 points and can face elimination from the South Africa finals. Sweden is just behind Portugal on goal difference with 4 matches remaining.

Group 2 has Greece and Switzerland on 13 points, followed by Latvia at 10 points. Israel can still qualify as they have 9 points with 4 games still to be played.

Group 3 is probably the most uncertain as 5 of the 6 teams still having a possibility of qualifying. Slovakia tops the group with 15 points and is followed by Northern Ireland with 13 points.

Group 4 is dominated by Germany and Russia. Germany sits comfortably on the top with 19 points followed by Russia in second place with 15 points.

Group 5 sees European champions Spain with 18 points from 6 games followed by Bosnia-Herzegovina on 2nd place with 12 points.

England have registered 7 wins of 7 games played and have logically booked a place in next year’s finals. They are followed by Croatia in 2nd place with 14 points in Group 6.

Group 7 has Serbia at the top with 18 points followed by France at 13 points, who also have a game in hand as compared to Serbia.

World champions, Italy are topping group 8 with 14 points, and are being closely followed by Rep of Ireland at 2nd place with 13 points.

Netherlands have become the first team to qualify in the 2010 Fifa World cup finals from Europe. They have registered 7 wins out of 7 and are followed by Macedonia with 7 points in Group 9.

Ronaldo promises dedication for Red Devils

September 6th, 2008

Christiano Ronaldo, the winger from Portugal who netted 42 times for Manchester United the last season after the Real Madrid – ManU transfer fiasco, has finally said that he will play for the Red Devils. Ronaldo has promised that he will play with complete dedication to his team, at least for now.

Ronaldo has stated that he had reached an agreement with United’s manager Sir Alex Ferguson, when both the parties heard each other. The situation, which was the biggest story of this transfer window, now no more exists.

Apologizing for his antics, the midfield maestro offered an apology to the club and the fans, saying that it was his fault and none of the two clubs had any role in it.

Ferguson had more than just a line or two of praise for his young gun. He reminded one and all that Ronaldo was still a youngster and the amount of money involved in the whole thing can really make heads turn around.

He praised the winger’s commitment for his team on the field and for his family off the field.

Ronaldo, in addition to confirming his commitment, has said that he still has an unforgotten ambition to go and play for Real Madrid. He probably has kept his options open for the next transfer season.

On the other hand, the recent spending spree of neighbors Manchester City has raised many-a-eyebrow, including Ryan Giggs.

Giggs has gone on to say ‘We all could be soon witnessing a ‘big five’ instead of the present big four in the Premiership’.

Ferdinand almost sure to captain England, says Gary Neville

August 14th, 2008

Rio Ferdinand, the world class defender of Manchester United, dubbed by most as the best center back in the modern world, possibly behind England compatriot John Terry, is almost set to captain England for the team’s friendly against Czech Republic at Wembley Stadium on August 20, if fellow defender Gary Neville is to be believed.

The defender’s glittering display in the Man U defense during Sunday’s Community Shield has only increased his chances of impressing national team manager Fabio Capello. United won the game against Portsmouth on penalties.

Gary Neville, Manchester United skipper for this season, seems to be fully optimistic for Ferdinand.

According to Neville, Ferdinand is the best defender at United and has consistently performed at the level required to play in international games, and him captaining England would be ideal with the current team.

He also said that in case Rio was not named the captain, it would not be disappointing for him as all that a player can do is to play and perform, and that everything else is a bonus.

Meanwhile, at United, manager Sir Alex Ferguson has said that since the club is presently failing in their pursuit of Dimitar Berbatov, the club is keeping its options open for other strikers. Again, such a stamen had spilled beans on the idea of getting Thierry Henry from Barcelona.

Saying that in wake of Wayne Rooney, Louis Saha and Christiano Ronaldo injured, the club needs replacements and a lot of faith in promising striker Fraizer Campbell!

Evra: I was sure that Ron will stay at Old Trafford

August 14th, 2008

Patrice Evra, the French defender of Manchester United, today claimed that he was certain all the while about the decision of Christiano Ronaldo in regards to staying at the Old Trafford Club.

The star of Portugal, who dazzled every European football club with his previous season’s performance, was subject of a long transfer saga at the beginning of the transfer season. Spanish Giants, Real Madrid, made an attempt at breaking records for snagging him from Red Devil’s clutches.

Despite Ronaldo’s admitting his desires of leaving his current and playing at the Bernabeu, he ultimately made a decision of staying at Old Trafford for one more time.

The Portuguese winger is expecting more of a mixed reception from the Red Devil’s fans at the beginning of the season. His feelings are mainly on the grounds that for his antics, the dressing room of the European & English Champions was at unrest for a long time. However, his Manchester United teammate Evra felt otherwise.

During the interview with L’Equipe, Frenchmen said that he always believed the winger will stay at the club.

He continued saying that the two exchanged several phone calls all the time. Evra even confirmed receiving a text message sent from the highest goal scorer of the previous season, where the latter confirmed his stay.

According to Evra, it was media, who gave ignition to the story, which was closed long back.

He feels that there should be no problem with the player at the club. If things go accordingly, Ronaldo will have a season similar to the previous one, meaning full of goals and flair.

Ronaldo may continue playing for the Devils

August 10th, 2008

After months of controversies and two clubs exchanging verbal blows, Christiano Ronaldo has finally stayed back at Old Trafford leaving Manchester United to be the winner of the bout, at least for a year.

Ronaldo confirmed a few days back that he would remain with the Old Trafford Club for another season, though he made his intentions clear about his desire to play for Spanish champions, Real Madrid.

According to many, the transfer of Ronaldo to Real Madrid was almost on cards this season. Still, there is a belief that the Spanish Club would keep on hunting for this player during the second transfer season.

Meanwhile, Sir Alex Ferguson believes that things can change in the coming years, just like it did with Rio Ferdinand. According to the Scot, Rio Ferdinand was also all set for leaving the Red Devils after a brief period with the club, but is still a part of the team.

The manager believes that the Portuguese player would like to extend his contract after it expires after 4 years. Ferguson is quite sure and feels Ronaldo, who already loves Manchester United, would never want to leave the side and with age his love for the club would keep on growing. He believes that the Madrid club should be held responsible for the feud between the teams and not the player.

According to Ferguson, the team and management are quite happy with Ronaldo staying back with the team. He also added that the player is very important in the side and they simply couldn’t afford to lose one with his caliber.

Ferguson acknowledges Ron’s decision to stay at Theater of Dreams

August 10th, 2008

The most eagerly awaited decision looming over the Barclay’s Premier League these past few months was whether or not Christiano Ronaldo would be transferred over to Real Madrid from Old Trafford.

To the relief of the Manchester United fans, Ronaldo decided to stay with the “Red Devils” for this season.

Recently in an interview with the Portuguese newspaper ‘Publico’, Ronaldo has made it clear that he would be playing for the Red Devils with all his heart and soul. He also mentioned that he would fight and honor the Red shirt with the same dedication and commitment, as he has always done. According to him, anyone, who says that he would be playing this season against his will, would definitely be lying.

Sir Alex Ferguson seems to have faith in his player, as he too stepped forward to acknowledge Ronaldo’s decision of staying in his team.

He empathized with Ronaldo and asked for the fan support keeping in mind that even on being offered the huge money, Ronaldo heard his argument and decided to stay over. Ferguson was heard saying that Ronaldo is a Manchester United player and he is happy to be with the Devils.

Even though the matter is settled for the time being, it seems that the shadow of a possible transfer over to Real Madrid will keep lingering in everybody’s mind. Ronaldo would be no exception to this accord, as he quite openly confessed that initially he had desired to move over to the Spanish Giants at Bernabeu.

Tough times for Red Devils ahead of their title defense

August 10th, 2008

After a day that saw star Christiano Ronaldo confirmed his stay at Old Trafford for the coming season, Manchester United secured a goalless draw against the inform Juventus.

Although the Red Devils might have failed to score against their Italian opponents, but their boss might be satisfied with the team getting out of this bout with a clean health bill.

With most players picking injuries in every friendly, Man United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has been put under enormous pressure ahead of their fresh campaign, where they will be defending two titles. Even with the news of confirmed commitment from Ronaldo, the Scot will be rethinking all his plans for the season.

With the boss raising possibilities of not looking for players before deadline ceases at the end of this month, United’s fans will be worrying about their performance in the near future with top players certain of not being available.

With Michael Carrick and Wayne Rooney already added to the injury list, Sir Alex Ferguson would be worried ahead of their Community Shield clash against Portsmouth on August 10. Even there is a probability of players missing out in season’s opener next Sunday.

In the midst of all this problems clouding United’s preparation, Ferguson is confident of another impressive show from his team in spite of playing without big names.

With players like Nani, who has been suspended from club duty, and Anderson, who will be representing Brazil at the Olympics, also missing out, experienced players like Paul Scholes & Ryan Giggs will require hitting form to the earliest. Again, young players will also require rising to the occasion and giving their maximum in this pressure situation.

Blatter denies comparing Ronaldo to a ‘modern slave’

August 2nd, 2008

FIFA President Sepp Blatter, who last month said that there was an increasing trend of ‘modern slavery’ in the football world in recent times, today refused having compared Portugal international and Manchester United player, Christiano Ronaldo, to a ‘slave’.

Presently out on a trip to Vietnam, the controversial President insisted that he never said Ronaldo was a slave.

Blatter tried to avoid being questioned further by saying that he had talked about slavery, but that was regarding the recent practice by many clubs to catch players young, at ages of 13-14 years and keeping them.

Ronaldo’s club, Manchester United, also have a youth academy, where players are trained from 9 years onwards up to the flagship 18 years, having many players, who have won international caps at under-14 and 16 levels.

FIFA President at that time was even backed by Ronaldo, who said he believed what Blatter said was right. However, now Blatter has flatly refused to agree having said anything about the winger and ‘slavery’, saying the press has jumped to immature conclusions.

If Man U manager Sir Alex Ferguson’s angle is to be seen, the Scotsman will be more than happy. The manager, who has spent well above two decades at Old Trafford, accused Real Madrid for their ‘illegal’ pursuit of Ronaldo, before being accused of similar acts by Tottenham Hotspur for his comments about buying Bulgarian international Dimitar Berbatov.

Talking of things at Manchester United, Owen Hargreaves today said that the team is fully fit and raring to go and fight for defending their success in the English as well as the European platforms.

Ronaldo’s transfer from Old Trafford: Deal as good as closed

July 31st, 2008

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has been proved right after his counterpart from Real Madrid, Bernd Schuster, confirmed that the Christiano Ronaldo deal is as good as closed, at least for the fact that there are other signings to be made at Real and the club cannot keep waiting for a player, who is not being released.

According to him, C. Ronaldo is not the only signing objective at Real this summer, and if this deal is not going as it should have, there are others to be struck.

He, however, was all praise for both Ronaldo and Ferguson. He said from the club’s pre season training base in Austria that Ronaldo has an unfailing reputation as a team player, and Ferguson should not be blamed for not releasing him. He even added that if he was at Old Trafford, he would have done the same.

Meanwhile, the Portuguese Star has been blamed for a lot of drinking during his rehabilitation in the US. There has been report of him having an affair with hotel heiress and Hollywood starlet Paris Hilton.

As far as Ronaldo is concerned, the midfielder is backed strongly by Ferguson, who even revealed that Man U had a representative with Ronaldo for commercial reasons, and that his holiday to the States was to come irrespective of the circumstances.

Ferguson also said that it is normal for people to change with success, and Ronaldo should not be counted in exception. However, it depends on the person in question how he takes it.

Ronaldo thinks it’s normal to be hunted by clubs

July 21st, 2008

Christiano Ronaldo, the Winger from Portugal who has been in the news during this transfer period has said that it is normal for him to be hunted by clubs with lucrative offers. He felt that all great players continuously keep on getting offers from clubs, other then for whom they play.

The midfielder, often called ‘twinkle toes’, thanks to his dribbling skills has said that not only this year, but attempts to make him join various clubs have been done all the time. He added that he cannot say anything about the present condition, only God can.

Ronaldo is currently on a holiday to Los Angeles, since his surgically repaired ankle will take at least three months to be fully fit.

Talking of things at Manchester United, the club is presently at a pre-season tour of Africa. Manager Sir Alex Ferguson is optimistically adamant on keeping Ronaldo in the team and chief executive David Gill has said that the star will not get any pay rise at Old Trafford.

On the other hand, Real Madrid has reportedly offered the winger a very high amount of money, which most sources claim to be ‘hard-to-refuse’!

Considering what effect this transfer saga had on the Devils dressing room, vice-captain Rio Ferdinand has said that surely this has soured the fun of European Double, but the dressing room is still very much in the right spirits and if Ronaldo stays, he will not be a disturbance there and neither be treated differently.

Ronaldo feels that he is recovering very well and all he has to do is to keep improving irrespective of where he stays!