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Bellamy faces Ban

September 22nd, 2009

Manchester City striker Craig Bellamy who was hero of the match against city rivals Manchester United has been put in a tight spot by the FA and Manchester Police. Bellamy has been charged with improper conduct as he was found slapping a fan after his team was defeated by Manchester United.

The match proved to be a battle as both teams were desperate to win. Much was at stake for Manchester United as they were out there to prove that they were still the better side in Manchester. Prior to the match, Ferguson had revealed that it was not possible that he will lose the title of being the better side in Manchester in his time as coach.

Manchester City was there to prove that they were the new champions and were here at Old Trafford to overthrow the champions from their throne. City had the backing of their Dubai owner who has spent a huge amount of money to make City a formidable side.

Craig Bellamy had helped City twice to come from behind and equalize in the Derby. The second goal from Bellamy came in the 90th minute which made the score 3-3 and City seemed be more than happy with the draw. But the 90th minute equalizer was not meant to be the last goal of the match, as in the 6th minute of injury time, Ryan Giggs proved his worth again and sent a pass to substitute Michael Owen who was waiting for the ball in the penalty box and scored the winner which triggered celebrations at Old Trafford.

The goal ended the game at 4-3 and everyone started celebrating. When Bellamy was heading towards the tunnel he saw a United fan running on the pitch heading towards him. Bellamy was already angry as he had already thought he had pulled a point back for City in the 90th minute. Angry Bellamy who was full of emotions at that moment lost his cool and slapped the fan.